Our Approach

We use meridian therapy and gentle acupuncture techniques to improve the circulation of blood and fluid through the body, and restore the body to homeostasis.


Our Goal

We want you to be at your best, and to provide you with a space to relax and recharge.

Meet the Team


TJ Morton

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

TJ Morton, L.Ac, has a BA from Brown University and a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. TJ started his interest in the exchange of energy as a healing force in Seattle,WA. While pursuing a career in acting, he became a certified yoga teacher at Samadhi Yoga in Seattle, WA under Kathleen Hunt and Douglas Ridings. During that time, he became interested in the how the vital force flows through the body, and how that relates to more modern discoveries in anatomy and science. As an actor in theater doing 8 shows a week, he became fascinated with the human body and under what circumstances it reaches peak performance. After a back injury, a visit to an acupuncturist helped him avoid surgery. That experience led him to pursue a 4 year Masters Degree to become an acupuncturist. TJ brings with him energy, creativity, and a desire to connect deeply with each patient, making each treatment an expression of the individual in front of him.

Sun Si Miao

Herbal Advisor

Sage of Herbal Medicine


Huang Di

Yellow Emperor

Sage of Acupuncture

Relax. Recharge. Heal.

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